Company Introduction

Wishpower Composite Insulator Co., Ltd. is located in the world-famous historic and cultural city-Xi’an, as China’s largest manufacturing base of HV transmission, distribution, and transformation products. Our Thailand production center launched in 2021 which has 100 employees, including 20 technical and management personnel. Its production base covers an area of 66600m2 with an industry-standard workshop of 20000m2.

Wishpower professionally designs and manufacture the following products: composite insulators series used on HV transmission and distribution line, HDPE insulator,HDPE Pin insulator,composite insulators series used on electrified railway catenary flexible suspension section insulators used on the subway, rigid suspension insulators used on the subway, composite dry-type insulation capacitance bushing series, composite dry type transformer capacitance bushing series, composite dry type through-wall capacitance bushing series, composite housed zinc oxide arrester series, composite subway evacuation platform series, composite subway cable mounting bracket series, composite three-rail shield series used on electrified railway, composite insulation climb ladder series used on live working, high polymer interphase spacer, etc. electrical equipment.

Wish would like to provide related information and technical service for international counterparts.

Wish passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification in 2008. Wish fully implement the management of ERP management system and 6S management mode high voltage products has become well-known brands at domestic and overseas. The product gets the approval of QualituSupervision, Inspection and Test center of National Insulator ArresterChina Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Bureau, the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Holland KEMA high voltage laboratory test, and obtain related qualification certificate.

About Wish owns advanced HV testing equipment and complete inspection measurements, electrical tests, mechanical strength tests, physical and chemical tests, and so on. Each product is tested before shipment, to ensure the safety, reliability, and good quality of the product.” Quality is the life of Enterprise, determine success or failure”, this concept has become an indispensable part of wish man consciousness.

About Wish has long been on the domestic market and open to the world, extensively participating in international exchanges and cooperation of HV technology and products. With advanced technique, favorable price, and sincere style, Wishpower wins numerous international partners. Wish products have already been exported to the USA, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and so on. As an international manufacturer of products, We will have a high sense of responsibility to provide high-quality products and excellent service to our customers, helping them to create or maintain a competitive advantage. We will create benefits for the company and try our best to make a new international image of Wish brand by our remarkable operation ability. We want to make our staff enjoy wealth and happiness from success.

We are committed to the development of ourselves and the industry to promote the progress of society. Wish is willing to make cooperate with worldwide colleagues and vast clients in even wider fields of the power industry.

Development History


The forerunner of Wishpower, Wishpower business division of YongXing science and technology LTD. was founded in 2000. Wishpower has been founded in 2001. The registered capital is USD 2 miliion. The production base in xi’an economic and technological development residents Minjing 2nd Road.The main produces of Wish Power are below 35kv power transmission and distribution technology of composite insulator products, mainly for domestic major companies. The average yield was 200,000pcs.


Wishpower passed ISO system certificates.

In the same year, this product declared the National invention patent.


35 kv composite suspension insulator passed the KEMA type test in Netherlands lab. And exported to the Middle East countries in the same year.

We attended the JEC international composites exhibition in France.


Wishpower’s trademarks got through the national trademark office registered successfully.


110 kV suspension type composite insulator and 110 kV column type composite arrester passed China national supervision and inspection center of the type test. In China’s railway and successful online network use.

At the same year, the quantity of composite pultrusion equipments increased to 20 sets.


110 kV suspension type composite insulator and 110 kV post type composite insulator successfully exported to the Middle East and African markets.

Our composite pultrusion profiles and winding insulation tube passed the test of specifications performance, which were mainly applied in sports equipment and exporting tool handles.


Achieve the annual production of 250000 (35 kv) goals between 2011-2014. Wishpower has a big development.

In the same year, we export 1 million US dollars products.


According to the production demands, planning tobuild the new standard workshop. A $10 million investment.

Owns more than 10 national invention patents and product patent of appearance design.

Bought 5 silicone rubber injection machine, a set of 600 kv power frequency withstand voltage of form a complete set of equipment and steep wave impact test equipment.

Bought 1000KN numerical control tensile testing machine and bending and torsion testing machine.


In May 2013, moved to new office and plant. Factory covers an area of 60000 m2. Production workshop 9000m2


Establish a full set of silicone rubber materials laboratory. Will be able to make all involved in composite insulator according to IEC standard of rubber material verification test.


Access to the national metro examined composite insulator products.

The company has obtained certification from all of the European and American electrical equipment brands and provides them with OEMs of insulators, fuses and arresters.


The chairman decides to establish a production center in Thailand


The construction of the Thai factory has begun, and it is located at Laem Chabang Port, the largest port in Thailand. Our production center is 2 miles from the port, 10 mins drive.

2020 - 2021

Although the epidemic has severely affected the construction schedule, Wishpower Thailand has already started trial production for the first time in November.

Talents Plan

1. Training System

The company will carry out an effective training system based on the general developing goals, business strategy planning, and human resource developing needs.

1.1 Middle management training; by learning advanced management mode, ideas, communication skills, and management skills, we will arrange the communication between middle and high employees management cases, to improve the overall quality and management ability , and make them develop in the enterprise operation and management.

1.2 Key position training: promote company sustainable development, build excellent reserve talent team, and improve the ability of employees at the key position by management skills and major skill training.

1.3 New employees training: to conduct a series of training which include enterprise culture, company regulation, post standard, department work-flow, the new staff could integrate into the company team rapidly, identify enterprise culture, and make clear their role to adapt requirement.

1.4 Researcher professional training: at a fixed period, we will arrange some training about industry trends, research trends, and product positioning, etc. held by well-known specialists and scholars to improve the research ability.

1.5 Front-line staff skills training: employees can get constant skill improvement through product knowledge and skills training.

1.6 Quality system: Through the learning of ISO9001, the company’s quality management system construction and continuous improvement ability have been improved, to ensure the implementation of the company quality management system.

2. Competitive employment mechanism

To improve the learning ability of learning and management, at the same time provide promotion channels, our company develops the management competition mechanism. Marketing Vice President, chief engineer, development manager, production vice President are rehired every three years. Sales regional manager performance score ranking jobs hired at the end of each year, Another management job is divided into three parts, each plate annual comprehensive assessment staff hired last name, vice production manager position by the end of the production manager to determine whether need.

Competition is based on the principle of fairness and openness, aims to enhance the level of management, integrated management and open their promotion channels at the same time, make the enterprise human resources is more vitality and combat effectiveness

3. Salary system

The company establishes a performance-oriented salary system, salary consist of post salary, skill-based pay, and performance salary. Post salary is the same for the same position.The company established a comprehensive performance evaluation system, the skill-based pay is set up accordingly. The company established a comprehensive performance evaluation system, set up monthly, quarterly, annual appraisal indexes, appraisal index directly affects employee performance that month salary

After analyzing the operating conditions in a year, according to the employee performance achievement and contribution to the enterprise, to a certain number of a year-end bonus. For those interested in the enterprise long-term development of excellent staff and management staff can hold within the company shares, corporate profits are Shared with employees

4. Social benefits

4.1 Company staff have endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including the poverty-stricken medical), industrial injury insurance, and, and for a business trip overseas

personnel to handle the personal accident insurance

4.2 Employees can enjoy the various holidays stipulated by the state and can enjoy17 days of paid leave benefits according to the different working again every year.

4.3 Employees can get gifts on Important holidays and send a beautiful birthday gift for employees.

4.4 Production line model worker end-of-year bonuses, cash in that year the average monthly salary. Year-end welfare except for physical distribution

4.5 If the employee’s work exceeds one year, they have a 50yuan allowance per year, being given out along with the salary.

4.6 The company offers a high-temperature allowance for some type of work.

4.7 Some posts in the company have lunch allowance for some type of position.

4.8 There is a chance to go abroad for learning and training of part positions.

Enterprise Culture

enterprise culture

President Speech

Thank you very much for squeezing time to visit our website and browse relevant information. Maybe there is a little help to you, even if very few, we also feel happy about it.

Wishpower means reality when doing man or doing things. I also hope our products and service could satisfy your requirement, and surpass your expectation. This is my sincere hope.

Wishpower has been passed for 20 years. Over the years, Wishpower has always adhered to the management concept of “Make Products with Duty and Responsibility, Shape Character with Honesty and Morality, We are always on the way to be better”. Because products are made by people, if a man has high moral character and does things with responsibility, he will give the matter future thoughts, making others admire and praise. If one’s moral quality is incomplete, the concept of running a business and awareness of doing products will make others dismissive. Of course, the products and price are not good, customers won’t satisfied, so the enterprise development will not long.

Wishpower always plans our company’s future with a global outlook, although we are inChina. The products we manufactured not only apply to the national standard but also an international standard, like American standard and European standard. Wishpower is moving towards internationalization, we will build one hundred enterprises. Most parts of products from Wishpower, no matter the silicone rubber products with housing, or the complete electrical insulating tools, such as insulating ladder and hot stick, both are finished by chemical reaction. The quality of different raw materials is quite different, it is hard to judge the quality just by appearance. Sometimes instruments and devices are needed, and sometimes the judgment needs several years. So doing business should start with knowing the enterprise culture and the moral quality of the boss.

Wishpower never produces low-end products, caters to the low-end market, and damages our long-term development strategy for immediate interest. Wishpower will pass positive energy for Chinese products going to the world.

As long as you cooperate with Wishpower, we will provide products with high-cost performance and give you value-added service.

Let us be friends first! I am expecting your visit to Xi’an, China.